For those movie collection enthusiasts who like to search by Title, Writer, Producer, Release Dates, Studio, Genre, etc. - there's a world of help out there for you.  You can download your CircleSection UPC data and use it to poplulate many of the movie collection software platforms that are available to you.   Most of these are free or at least have a free version.

Here are a few more helpful links *

IMDb (an online database with all sorts of information)
Collectorz.com (DVD collection Database Software)  
Invelos (DVD Profiler)
PVD (Personal Video Database)
Griffith (Media Collection Manager)
EMDB (Eric's Media Database)
Bolide Software (Bluray and DVD collection software)

CODE:AERO (Movie Organizer)

* (CircleSection.org does not endorse or recommend any particular movie collection software)