Ownership is Freedom

Circle-Section Registeration is not signing up for some cool streaming or download service.  Registration means that you already own the viewing and listening rights. You are simply telling the United States Government, the Hollywood Studios, and the World that you are going to assert those rights.

Legally, this has everything to do with encryption and the anti-circumvention laws in the Digital Millenium Copyright Act ("DMCA").  It has everything to do with the hollywood industry's hiding the encryption codes from you.  You are the owner of your purchased media and it is silly and counter productive in the fight against piracy, to put the decryption codes on the media itself. 

There is only one person who should hold and control the decryption keys for your media.  That is YOU!

Once that happens, the illegal copying of media is no longer beneficial to anyone.  Sure, someone might still try to make an unauthorized copy (people do it all the time). And sure, they might again copy that illegal copy to a hard-drive or to another blank disc (people do it all the time).  But when the consumer controls his/her own decryption codes and is allowed to put and store encrypted media anywhere they want in the cloud, with security measures that dissallow any open-file or decrypted versions of that same media in the cloud, the incetives to illegally copy media is diminished both here and abroad.  Having  a rogue copy of a media title on a hard-drive with no opportunity to put it into the cloud, becomes worthless.  Piracy becomes a thing of the past.